Drip Irrigation

Our automated drip irrigation systems answer the question so many Plano and Dallas area homeowners ask themselves:  “How can I water the ground around my house without the hassle of soaker hoses?”

Here in North Texas, the expansive clay soils can cause movement in the ground around your home. The expanding and contracting of these soils are caused by the increase and decrease of moisture in the soil. In other words, consistent moisture in the soil around your home means it will be more stable.

The majority of newer home owners use soaker hoses in an attempt to maintain a good moisture level in the soil around their houses.

The problem with soaker hoses is that they have a tendency to distribute water unevenly and have a short life span, not to mention how unsightly they can be. Sprinklers alone are usually not enough to maintain the moisture levels. Also, there are often water restrictions during the driest months when the ground around your home needs moisture to help keep from shifting and contracting.

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drip irrigation - Plano, Texas